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Post by Skarlet on Fri Jan 30, 2015 1:15 am

Basic Forum Rules

1. Stay on topic.

Every forum has a description. Before you post, please read the descriptions carefully and try to create topics in the section that most closely matches what your post is about.

Not only should topics be placed in the correct forums, but replies to topics should have something to do with the conversation occurring in that thread. If you want to change the topic entirely, by all means, make a new topic in the appropriate forum. Making sure that you post in the correct areas will make it much easier for everyone to find the subjects and conversations they are looking for.

2. Title your posts appropriately.

When you start a topic, try to give it a title that will give others some idea of what's inside.

For example, titling a post in the character profile forum "Character profile" doesn't really help anyone, because ALL the topics in the character profile forum are going to be suggestions. A better title might be "Skarlet - The Golden Dragon Assassin"

If you find that you have incorrectly titled your post, please click the "report" button so that an admin or moderator can correct it.

3. Respect mods and admins

If a moderator or staff person asks you to stop doing something, stop.

If a post or topic gets deleted, please do not simply recreate the same or a similar one.

If you disagree with a decision that was made, you are welcome and even encouraged to contact a mod or a staff person and discuss it civilly. Politeness will get you lots of places, and we're happy to hear your concerns.

On the other hand, being rude to or abusing the mods won't get you anything -- except possibly in more trouble.

4. Keep it civil.

Please, no abusive language or profanity. No personal attacks. No messages intended solely to upset people, spread false rumors or otherwise drag down the atmosphere of the guild. Nothing R-rated. Please refrain from posting links to inappropriate material out on the general forums. These forums may be used by people of all ages.

5. We are here to game, not to argue.

If you want to start an in-depth discussion of (real world) politics and religion, or anything else likely to instantaneously start flame wars, you should probably find a site dedicated to discussing politics and religion instead.

You are welcome to identify yourself as part of a religion, holding certain religious beliefs, or even as part of a certain political party when getting to know other members. However, we ask that you do not cite those affiliations as a basis for your opinions or arguments in other discussions, to avoid "locking" or stonewalling topics that weren't previously religious or political in nature. Your religion or party probably has an explanation for its own policies; explain the reasoning you are using instead of the simple fact that you are a member of a group! You might even change some minds. Smile

6.  Don't bump threads.

"Bumping" (Bring Up My Post) is when someone makes a meaningless post in a thread in order to move it back to the top of a forum, such as simply saying the word "bump" or "up" without adding anything else to the conversation. Do not bump threads that are still on the first page of a forum.

Bumping threads that have fallen off the front page is allowed, but frowned upon. If you want to revive a conversation, say something interesting and relevant instead.

7. Don't spam.

Because you should already know better.

"Spam" is defined as any pointless, disruptive, annoying message. That could be posting Shakespeare quotes a thousand times so no one else can get a word in edgewise, and it might mean posting a single message of jumbled letters.

Forum Roleplaying Rules

8. In RP, maintain good perspective.

Remember that the beliefs and actions of a character are not always those of their player. If a character insults your character, try to look at it from the perspective of reading about it in a book or seeing two characters on TV: Without conflict, a story gets boring. It doesn't mean the writer has anything against you!

All that said, you can still roleplay villains.

Not all (or any!) of your characters need to be sweetness and light. We understand that you might play a grouch without being one in real life, or having anything against the other players. We do ask that you keep your RP under an R rating.

9. Respect other people's fun.

Before joining in a RP thread, please read whatever guidelines the original poster has put up and think carefully about whether your character fits into the sort of scene they're setting up. If not, instead of hijacking their fantasy world, start your own thread more appropriate to the sorts of characters you want to play.


Before posting in a forum, check to see if there are any "sticky" posts at the top that contain rules of guidelines specific to that forum.

Violating our rating guidelines can get you suspended or deleted.

Sexual content - or content that otherwise violates our ratings guidelines - is against the rules on our public forums. If everyone is of appropriate age, consenting, and there are no other legal issues, it is allowed in private messages or in properly tagged groups' forums. If you find yourself in a RP that is heading in a direction too adult for the public forums, contact Kim for help moving the thread into your own private group.

Extreme violations and refusal to adhere to warnings will result in a ban on your forum account as well as a possible removal from the guild in-game too.

Please do not make us do this, as we love you, and we hate losing what we love.

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