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Post by Postgriffon Pat on Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:19 pm

The sun has just set beyond the horizon and the stars were beginning to appear. It seemed as normal as can be for you, this Tyrian night. But something disturbs the night - a messenger griffin swoops down from nearby, dropping a message into your bag. With a click, a hawk and a huff, it flies off again and disappears into the sky. After you watch it venture off back to its owner, you unwrap the message scroll and read the following:

“Subject: Everything is good until further research proves otherwise

Tyria; the plane on which we live, we breathe - we exist. Throughout history, many occurrences have subjected Tyria to wars, disasters and great uprisings. Throughout it all, different races have allied together to help defend our world from whatever it has been thrown at us. Asura, Charr, Human, Norn, Sylvari - all working together to protect our land, whilst fighting against our down racial troubles. There are also the three orders of Tyria - Order of Whispers, The Durmand Priory and The Vigil, each working in their own ways to help stop the most recent and dangerous of threats - the elder Dragons. There have also been many guilds focusing on stopping this great elders, the most well known being Destiny’s Edge, but with the death of Snaff, they disbanded and have only just begun to reunite.

But other dangers pose threat to our world - not just the dragons. Centaurs and bandits, Inquest and risen, sons of Svanir and Jormag’s minions, the Nightmare court and now the minions of Mordremoth. Whilst defeating the dragons may ease some, if not most, of these problems, there still exist dangers to Tyria’s residents. Our lives are in jeopardy. Someone needs to guard the average man, char, asura, norn, sylvari… there needs to be a guardian to help the living in all planes, so that everyone may live without the constant fear of death.

We need Guardians of Stars.
We need you.”

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Postgriffon Pat
Postgriffon Pat
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