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Post by Skarlet on Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:13 pm

We have had a lot of inactivity lately! Here is an announcement I made today (over Skype) discussing what we are planning on doing over the next month.

Priority 1 - New Members
As you are probably aware, our guild is dwindling. We have a lot of players, but not many are active. I do admit, this is my own fault for not being as actively involved within the guild as I should be. However, I am giving everyone the ability to invite new members to the guild. The more members you invite, the better for all of us, especially if they represent Smile.

Priority 2 - Raids
So raiding is a thing! I would very much like to give it a go and thought that if we could gather enough players together, it would be immensely beneficial to go into a guild-run raid. This means that we can Skype (or Teamspeak if it is necessary that we get it) so we can run a fully coordinated and fun raid run. However, we would need dates and times.

Priority 3 - Roleplay
Quite a few people are interested in Roleplaying. Bran was collecting back stories via email, and I don't  know how he has gone with that. However, it would be brilliant if people would like to make it known if they do want to roleplay or not, so we can figure out if we are going to make a roleplaying aspect to the guild, or if that will have to be at an affiliated guild (like Bran's CLAW guild).


Action 1 - Dungeons
As from now, Dungeons shall be run weekly on Friday evenings, at 7:00pm Server Time (8:00pm GMT). We shall take a vote on which dungeon to run at that particular week via an ongoing poll within the forums (which I will use and update more frequently).

Action 2 - Fractals
Fractals are fun, and much less of a pain than they used to be! I propose that we run a weekly fractal night, too - possibly Saturday at around 5:00pm Server Time (6:00pm GMT). However, it is perfectly acceptable to run on any time that people are available, and is up for discussion.

Action 3 - Roleplay
Setting a Roleplay night either fortnightly or monthly would be ideal. Again, this is up for debate, as demand for Roleplay in our guild is not so great.

Action 4 - Raids
This is a tough one, as it requires immense organisation with players and Skype/TS chats. Once again, I'll take to the forums (and likely Survey Monkey) to determine when is the best date and time for a Raid. It will have to been on a weekend, as some do have jobs and other commitments during the week, and will take a number of hours to complete. As I have never done the Raid myself, I am not very informed on an estimated time.

Action 5 - PVP
Whilst we are a PvE guild, this does include PvP and WvW. I am not sure how many are interested in this side of Guild Wars 2, but I propose a Sunday or Tuesday night to either PvP or WvW with the Guild. Just to mix things up a little.

Action 6 - Contests
To keep people involved within the guild, I propose a contest or event bi-annually, where we can interact with players and provide Gem Store rewards. This would likely be a Summer and Winter event, but could do four times a year if we get enough interest.


Please, I encourage you to send suggestions for improvements and to invite your friends! I would like to make this as interactive and fun as possible, for everyone. For those with HoT, we could substitute some days to delve into the Maguuma Jungle (or any day, really, I'm down for it!) and do the many, many events there - and kick Mordremoth's butt again and again >).

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