Ski Gloves, that one guy what with the green stuff.

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Ski Gloves, that one guy what with the green stuff.

Post by Ski Gloves on Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:08 am

Heyo! I figured everyone here would be most interested in my characters, but for the man behind the mask, well... My name is Stephen, my favourite colour is green, squirrels make me jealous of their built in pillows, I live in Newcastle in the UK and study Physics at the University of West Scotland. My hobbies include Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, League of Legends and being a source of knowledge and Wisdom. I prefer to play Sylvari characters and male characters, but if I've got inspiration for a character I don't let it limit me. I make it my business to know useless trivia and love reading up on lore, so I'm strictly Durmand Priory.

Anyway, without further ado, my team.

A Sylvari of much renown, he is a Magister in the Durmand Priory, but also part of the Pact's frontline forces in Orr. Much of his reputation speaks of how he received several scars from giving everything he has to protecting the lives of others, most notably his left eye protecting a Drake he had just met from a horde of Risen. As a ranger, what he lacks in fighting prowess he makes up for in his animal companions, a giant blade and sheer tenacity.

Anzu Yayoi
A prodigy of arcane and Canthan Assassin arts, Anzu is a talented Elementalist. She loves to adventure and has become infamous among adventurers for living through encounters she by all rights shouldn't have. While not well known, she is the descendant of a great Canthan Hero and resents the dragons for cutting her off from the home of her ancestors.

A Sylvari sniper in the Order of Whispers, rumour has it she's a decent chef and takes any chance she gets to cook while on the job.

Monocle Cowgear
An Charr Engineer who hordes tools and inventions, unfortunately he doesn't keep track of what he has in his bags, so despite his preparations he often tackles problems by just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Not even his Warband can decide whether that's more often figurative or literal.

Skiglos // Long Living Apricot - Anzu Yayoi // Zalorys // God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals - Trahenge // Monocle Cowgear
Ski Gloves

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Re: Ski Gloves, that one guy what with the green stuff.

Post by Skarlet on Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:50 am

Awesome intro - it's always nice reading up on your characters :p. You really put your heart into the backstory!

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